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Here are some of the ways I can help your meeting or organization.

Facilitated Discussion

I can visit your meeting and facilitate a 90 minute discussion on topics such as “faithful use of technology in the meeting room,” “how can we be one body when we’re not all in the same space?” or “what do we need from our meeting for worship?” This could be before or after meeting for worship on Sunday morning, or it could be scheduled for an evening hour.

Prepared Message

If it's part of your meeting's regular worship to invite a guest to bring a prepared message, I would be happy to be invited to speak at your meeting on a topic related to online or hybrid meeting.

Technical Consultations

I'm happy to answer questions by email or meet with people in your meeting to provide equipment recommendations or help troubleshoot technical problems.

Hybrid Meeting Bootstrap

After an initial visit, a longer-term engagement could follow, in which: • Your meeting identifies a small group of people who are interested in making a commitment to explore the meeting's needs for hybrid worship, and to implement it if that is the path the meeting discerns • The grant budget offers antiracism, accessibility, and/or disability justice training to the group in the context of moving toward hybrid worship • The grant budget offers equalization to volunteers who need it in order to participate. This can be reimbursement for babysitting or transportation and it can also be replacement of income if that is necessary for a volunteer to work on the project • Specific hardware is recommended for purchase, and assistance with purchasing hardware is provided if that is needed by the meeting (or, if the meeting is in a position to contribute financially back to the grant budget, that is also welcome) • The experience is documented so that it can be shared with other meetings and organizations

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